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  1. Slika Fire Wall Heat Defence

    Slika Fire Wall Heat Defence


    Fire Wall heat defense spray helps give hair the protection it needs from damage commonly caused by heated styling aids and dryers. 

    Additionally, it can help counter the negative effects of chemical treatments. 


    • Coats hair strands
    • Reduces heat damage
    • Combats dehydration
    • Helps avoid frizz 
    • Helps maintain elasticity 
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  2. Slika Serum

    Slika Serum


    Slika Serum

    The essential hairdressing product for expert finishing. 

    • Exceptional quality serum 
    • Pure and concentrated
    • Smoothes hair cuticle 
    • Improves manageability 
    • Re-hydrates dry hair
    • Improves texture
    • Coats and protects 
    Do the bubble test - turn the Slika Serum bottle upside down. The air bubble will move slowly to the top, demonstrating the concentrated quality. Lesser quality serums are thinner and have a faster moving bubble.
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  3. Slika Revitalising Shimmer Spritz (100ml)

    Slika Revitalising Shimmer Spritz (100ml)


    Specially formulated for super healthy looking hair. Instantly revives dull, lacklustre hair. 

    • Captures the light & increases the depth of gloss
    • Moisturising properties
    • Reflects a healthy shine
    • Enhances natural tones in the hair
    • Not sticky 
    • Gives a soft.  healthy sheen 
    • Perfect size for an accurate application
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  4. New Bond Street Mirror - Black

    New Bond Street Mirror - Black


    Easy to use, standard size mirrors for professionals

    • Double handled, comfortable and easy to hold
    • Strong & damage resistant plastic cover
    • Also useful in cosmetic dental practices
    • Wet grip, slip proof handles
    • Hanging feature
    • Width (23.5cm), Length (18cm)
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