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  1. Slika Quick Silver anti-yellowing Shampoo

    Slika Quick Silver anti-yellowing Shampoo


    Deeply cleansing rich lather and moisturising properties.

    Quick Silver banishes unwanted yellow tones, keeping your colour fresh and bright.

    Adds lustre and shine to naturally grey and white hair as well as colour treated hair. 

    Available in 250ml / 1 litre 

    To intensify and deepen the colour management effect, follow with Slika Quick Silver Cream Shampoo

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  2. Slika Wet Look Gel

    Slika Wet Look Gel


    Slika Wet Look Gel 

    Provides the wet and brilliant gloss to all styles

    May be used to selective parts of the hair with a pliable, soft hold. 

    Nongreasy - moisturising properties to help the hair from drying out. 

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  3. Slika Extra Strong Gel (Extreme Hold)

    Slika Extra Strong Gel (Extreme Hold)


    Slika Extra Strong Gel 

    Extreme Hold 

    Created for structured styles that require an extra firm hold. 

    Leaves hair manageable.

    Accentuates shape, improves control and adds volume 

    • Extra firm hold 
    • Maximum control 
    •  Easy washout
    • Non greasy
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  4. Slika Spikey High Definition Shaping Gel

    Slika Spikey High Definition Shaping Gel



    Slika Spikey Gel 

    High definition shaping 

    • Accentuates shape & Gravity Defying Hold
    • Shapes and holds any hair style
    • No residue or build up
    • Suitable for all hair types
    • Stiff, firm styles and shapes
    • Leaves hair looking glossy
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  5. Slika Serum

    Slika Serum


    Slika Serum

    The essential hairdressing product for expert finishing. 

    • Exceptional quality serum 
    • Pure and concentrated
    • Smoothes hair cuticle 
    • Improves manageability 
    • Re-hydrates dry hair
    • Improves texture
    • Coats and protects 
    Do the bubble test - turn the Slika Serum bottle upside down. The air bubble will move slowly to the top, demonstrating the concentrated quality. Lesser quality serums are thinner and have a faster moving bubble.
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  6. Slika Revitalising Shimmer Spritz (100ml)

    Slika Revitalising Shimmer Spritz (100ml)


    Specially formulated for super healthy looking hair. Instantly revives dull, lacklustre hair. 

    • Captures the light & increases the depth of gloss
    • Moisturising properties
    • Reflects a healthy shine
    • Enhances natural tones in the hair
    • Not sticky 
    • Gives a soft.  healthy sheen 
    • Perfect size for an accurate application
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  7. Slika Argan Oil Styling Wax (165g)

    Slika Argan Oil Styling Wax (165g)


    Sculpt, style & slick!

    Create superb style and lasting hold with fresh coconut scented Slika Styling Wax.

    Enriched with Argan Oil that provides conditioning and moisturising properties 

    • Self-supporting and gravity defying
    • Creates dramatic and long lasting styles
    • Adds definition, shine and hold to straight or curled hair
    • Non-greasy, no residue or build up
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  8. Slika Waving Systems

    Slika Waving Systems


    Permanent Waving System

    Formulated to give protection to the hair & flexibility to the style

    • Normal/Processed waving system for chemically treated hair
    • Normal/Resistant waving system for virgin hair and hard to perm hair

    Suitable for long and short styles
    Comes as a duo pack of Peroxide Neutraliser & Waving Lotion

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  9. Slika Peroxide Neutraliser

    Slika Peroxide Neutraliser


    Neutraliser for perming solutions 

    Protects the hair & gives flexibility to the style

    • Reliable formulation
    • Use with any alkaline waving lotions
    • Suitable for long and short styles
    • Easy to hold bottle with heavy base to avoid spillage
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  10. Slika Deep Cleansing Shampoo 250ml

    Slika Deep Cleansing Shampoo 250ml


    Slika Deep Cleansing Shampoo 250ml 

    A deep cleansing shampoo that is enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and conditioners.

    For dry, chemically treated or damaged hair. Deeply cleansing shampoo for all hair types 

    Key Features:

    • Deeply cleansing with a rich lather & moisturising properties
    • Restore and revitalises the natural look and colour
    • Rebalances and colour adjusts the hair
    • Revitalises and enhances natural colour
    • Improves texture
    • Professional formulation
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