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Su-Do Professional Tan Accelerator

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Su-Do Professional Tan Accelerator

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Accelerates the skin's response to UV light

Encourages melanin production

Suitable for sunbed or sun tanning

Quick absorption

Non - greasy

Suits all skin types

Face and Body Tanning Accelerator Gel Helps promote a deeper and longer lasting tan. This lightweight gel helps accelerate, intensify and prolong a luminous glow. This gel works alongside the skins natural melanin to achieve an even and perfect colour. Conditions and preps the skin prior to sun exposure and can be used before, during and after exposure to the sun the sun or a sunbed treatment.

Directions: Generously apply overexposed areas of the body before and after sun/sun bead exposure. For best results, prepare the skin first by applying frequently for up to 7 days before your holiday and maintain consistent use during skin exposure to prolong effects. 

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